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Beer Review: Buckbean Brewing Co. Black Noddy Lager

July 24, 2008

As I mentioned in my review of their Orange Blossom Ale, Buckbean Brewing Company was founded in 2007 in Reno, NV. They can their beer instead of bottling it for environmental reasons. According to their press release package, microbreweries only bottled their beers initially because the aluminum canning lines were not designed for smaller production, so glass bottles were their only option. So people began to equate glass bottles with good beer.

Along with sending me free samples of their Orange Blossom Ale, Buckbean was kind enough to send me samples of their Black Noddy Lager. As I am a fan of dark full-bodied beers, I was looking forward to this.

The Pour
This poured with a beige tight, thick and fluffy one-finger head. It is not completely opaque but pretty close. This looks like my kind of beer….looks like motor oil in a glass.

The Nose
There are nice coffee and roasted malts notes mingling in the nose. There is definitely chocolate in there vying for attention as well. This smells thick and chewy, and also has hints of dark plummy fruit.

The Taste
This has medium carbonation and is an oily medium-full bodied beer. Coffee, chocolate and malt flavors are well balanced, although coffee notes take the forefront. This is a smooth brew with a strong, almost bitter roasted finish. The plummy notes are present as well, but the bitterness stands out on the finish.

This is a very dark tasting brew. Lots of different flavors going on at once, which is nice, but I do wish it had a bit less of the slightly burnt tasting bitterness on the finish.

Recommended: Maybe…if you’d really like something full flavored and very roasty, this is your brew.

Price: Unknown

ABV: 5.2%

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