Beer Review: Magic Hat deVEILed

   August 15, 2013

Magic Hat Brewing Company sent me the subject of my latest beer review: their deVEILed, what they describe as an “amber concoction” that “spans two tantalizing worlds”.  It’s an amber ale with a malt base but with a hop bite as well, and it’s exclusive to their Night of the Living Dead Variety Pak.  Let’s see how it fares, shall we?

The Pour
It’s been so long since I did a beer review, I forgot to note the head until it was gone, so I don’t know how thick it was.  I do know it’s a light beige and the beer is a dark ruby and cola colored brew, but light enough to be translucent.

The Nose
A promising start, the nose features caramel and coffee, with a dark, fruity characteristic.  (Their letter says the aroma is of caramel and dark fruits, but I also pick up coffee and the dark fruit seems somewhat raisin-y to me.)  I love the aroma.

The Taste
The beer is medium bodied, with a creamy but somewhat dry mouthfeel.  The dryness gives it a slight dusty feel to it, resting on the base of chocolate, coffee and wood.  There isn’t really what I would call a bitterness to it, except perhaps a bit on the finish in the back of the palate, but the hops serve to balance this and keep it interesting, adding that previously mentioned dry dusty feel to it and keeping it interesting.

Scoring Breakdown

Appearance: I like the ruby hue, but missed the head on this one. 8 points out of 10

Nose: Coffee, caramel and dark fruit…always a winning combination if you ask me. 14 out of 15

Taste: Good blend of flavors, well balanced, very drinkable. 45 out of 55

Style: Fitting for the style.  Roasted character almost leans toward a brown ale.  17 out of 20

Total rating: 84 points out of 100.

In a nutshell: Good flavor with an interesting profile.  If you want something a little more hoppy than a brown, give this a shot!  You won’t be sorry.

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