Beer Review: Magic Hat hI.P.A.

   August 25, 2012

Magic Hat recently sent me a few beers to try, and this is the first of the three: hI.P.A.  A higher alcohol IPA (6.7%), it features Columbus hops, Pale malt and English Ale yeast.

The Pour
This pours a great golden straw color slightly tinged with orange.  A 1 1/2 finger thick, quite white fluffy head floats atop the beer and leaves nice lacing as you enjoy this beer.

The Nose
This has a good hoppy nose, but with a malt sweetness that rounds off the sharp bitter edges.  The aroma is floral, slightly grassy and has  a faint fruitiness to it (perhaps a berry?)

The Taste
I thought this had more body than I would have expected.  This IPA is not mouth puckeringly hoppy at all, and seemed creamier than I expected as well. It tasted of floral, slightly grassy hops, with a faint citrusy note to it.  There was a distinct bitterness at the back of the throat at the finish, but most of the overt hoppiness you expect with an IPA was tempered, tamed, perhaps, by the sweetness of the malt.  You don’t even notice the higher (6.7%) ABV with this beer.

Scoring Breakdown

Appearance: An attractive beer, the head leaves nice lacing on the glass. 8 points out of 10

Nose: Good nose, not outstanding, representative of the flavors to come. 13 out of 15

Taste: Good flavor, creaminess was unexpected, but nice. I like how the IPA hoppiness was tempered by malt. 44 out of 55

Style: Less hoppy than the usual American IPA, but good.  18 out of 20

Total rating: 83 points out of 100.

In a nutshell: Not a bad IPA at all, but not a big mouth puckering beer.  Actually a good transition as we approach darker beer season…it retains some good hoppiness but starts adding sweeter malt to your palate.  Definitely worth a go.


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  1. Man, even though that’s not a crazy hoppy brew, it still makes me thirsty! Nice review!

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