Great Northern Brewing Company collaborating with Kyle Hollingsworth of The String Cheese Incident

   July 24, 2012

WHITEFISH, MONTANA [7/17/12]Great Northern Brewing Company is teaming up with Kyle Hollingsworth, keyboardist from The String Cheese Incident, to create the perfect summer concert beer.  The collaboration brew will be released exclusively on August 4th and 5th, 2012 at GNBC’s outdoor concert series featuring Keller Williams and the Kyle Hollingsworth Band in downtown Whitefish, Montana.

The Kyle Hollingsworth Band will come to Whitefish fresh off an exclusive performance at Boulder Beer Company in Boulder, CO.  As a craft beer enthusiast and accomplished homebrewer, Hollingsworth has created innovative partnerships with breweries across the country, and looks forward to working with Great Northern Brewery.  “We were stoked to find out that Kyle was open to collaborating with us,” said Andy McQuary, Assistant Brewer at GNBC.

Hollingsworth and the brewers at GNBC decided on a refreshing pale ale to combat the heat on an August day in Depot Park, but with a unique twist.  They found that adding Earl Grey tea leaves late in the boil gave the recipe a distinct herbal citrus aroma and a crisp finish.  Hollingsworth completed a test batch on his own home brew kit and confirmed the recipe’s fresh, thirst-quenching flavor, and Great Northern Brewery is now working on a twenty-barrel batch for exclusive release at the concert.

View a video about the collaboration

In addition to pouring the limited-edition beer in Depot Park, GNBC will publish the recipe on its website for fellow brewers to try out at home.  For those who would like to attempt Hollingsworth and GNBC’s collaboration brew, visit http://bit.ly/OPx3yv.

The Kyle Hollingsworth Band will close out the two-day concert series as part of Great Northern Brewing’s efforts to support the construction of the Great Northern Veterans Peace Park live music venue.  Keller Williams will headline on Saturday, August 4th, and the weekend event will include beer gardens with a wide variety of beers on tap, food vendors, and opening performances by local favorites Moonshine Mountain, The Lil’ Smokies, 20 Grand, and The Dirty Shame.  Tickets are $45 for a Weekend Pass or $25 per day, and can be purchased at www.greatnorthernbrewing.com/store.

About the Great Northern Brewing Company

The Great Northern Brewery located in Whitefish, Montana, is the original home of Black Star Beer and the finest variety of 15 other lagers and ales. Through the use of a “Gravity Flow” arrangement, the beers are made in the tradition of artisan brewing with one of the most sophisticated brew houses for its size in the entire country. Learn more about the Great Northern Brewing Company at www.greatnorthernbrewing.com/.

About Kyle Hollingsworth

As a member of acclaimed jam masters The String Cheese Incident, Hollingsworth is revered by both peers and fans for his ability to write and perform in a mosaic of styles, from rock to classical, ragtime to bebop. Playing in String Cheese Incident has allowed him unrestricted access to the world of music, and has bestowed on him the kind of fearlessness a composer needs to flirt with such disparate genres. Those who’ve seen String Cheese Incident know that they can jerk from funk to bluegrass on a chord change. “In the jam world, where there are no set ways of doing things, we’re not afraid to move in and out of genres,” he says, “and because of that I’ve learned to be creative, not only onstage but in the studio. I can get on board with something pretty quickly. You have to.”


About the Great Northern Veterans Peace Park

The Great Northern Veterans Peace Park is a family sledding park and open space dedicated to recognizing the contributions of veterans and the railroad to the community of Whitefish.  Spearheaded by retired Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke, the park evolved into something different from the “hallowed ground” feel of other veterans memorial reserves.  “The theme of this park is to celebrate life – why veterans fight,” Zinke said.  Great Northern Veterans Peace Park is located on Highway 93, less than two miles from downtown Whitefish.

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