Meet the Jackhawk 9000s

   June 12, 2012

Good afternoon, dearest beer lovers. Today I bring you a cool product, one I would like to have, if I wasn’t on such a tight budget, and hopefully one that will be coming soon (pre-order yours on kickstarter.com)……bottle opening sunglasses, the Jackhawk 9000s.  I was not paid for this post….I just think the glasses are really cool.

Skip Chapington, a humble, debonair, ascot-sporting gentleman, touts the JackHawk 9000s as the greatest invention in the past 100,000 years. Liquid Shades, the company behind the beer-opener sunglasses put together a 2 minute spot where Skip shows you the hilarious and practical ways in which you can use the JackHawk 9000s to improve every aspect of your life.

But do they work?

Well, considering that the arms are made out of titanium (the same material used in the world’s fastest fighter jet, the SR-71 Blackbird) you can be pretty confident that they can handle a six-pack…and enemy fire. The company was launched by a team of twenty-somethings and you can help support them by visiting their Kickstarter Campaign where they’re raising money to cover manufacturing costs. Cheers.

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