Sponsored post: Beer for ladies, should they bother?

   July 27, 2011

Molson Coors has announced the launch of a new beer aimed to attract female taste buds. They hope to change perceptions among women who believe that all beers are the same. The new brand, called Animée (which is a lager), hopes to “make beer a real choice” for women.

Molson Coors already make some great beers such as Kasteel Cru, a refreshing lager that’s brewed in Alsace using champagne yeast, which could be promoted to women. Doom Bar is also a successful, more traditional cask ale which has some great credentials.

The idea hasn’t just come out of the blue; the brewer has spent nearly three years researching how beer brands could appeal to women, polling tens of thousands of women in the process.

As well as the research, Molson Coors is spending a further £2 million (approximately $3.2 million) on an advertising campaign to encourage female beer drinkers. They will be encouraging pubs, shops, supermarkets and restaurants who have an alcohol license as well as commercial restaurant insurance to stock their new beer.

Hopefully the brewers will be hosting some beer-tasting events that give women the opportunity to taste the beer. However, they may feel that the launch will make a huge impact rather than trying to persuade women drinkers that not all beer is the same. Many other women in the industry have already been trying to do just that.

“The way that I do things is about education. I explain each beer in a tutored tasting and then let everybody vote for themselves. I think beer aimed at women is difficult to quantify because everybody’s tastes are different – male and female – and I’ve found that a beer that I personally may not like some others will lie, so I don’t think there’s a catch-all”, says Marverine Cole, a businesswomen and journalist in the beer industry.

Sara Barton, who owns a brewery named after a historic term for a female brewer, Brewster’s, explains that woman are conscious of beers and will drink them, but there’s also an approach to encourage female drinkers in the way that beer is served in pubs, restaurants and other drinking establishments. Barton says “We use stemmed glasses at our pub, even for guys who might be having a half, because it stops you wrapping your hand around it and making it all warm and sweaty. Some female customers have their beer in a big wine glass so they can enjoy the aromas. It’s those sorts of approaches we need, not a whole new product”.

Molson Coors new beer will come in three flavors including, “zesty lemon”, “clear filtered” and “crisp rose”, which could possibly make people who are already female beer drinkers slightly suspicious. First, are the flavors created by clever use of hops or added artificially and is that really one beer, or three? At the moment the so called beer, sounds like an alcopop.

It’s understandable why some women are currently put off drinking beer. The way it’s currently marketed plays a part in this, as females are given the notion that it’s a masculine drink. We’ll just have to wait and see whether these trendy new lagers will be successful. Will you be tempted to try a bottle of the new Animée?

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