Beer Review: Flying Dog Coffee Stout (Batch 2)

   June 18, 2011

Now I love beer, obviously, but I love coffee as well. This is probably why I so greatly enjoy stouts and porters. So when a coffee stout comes along, I am doubly excited! I came home one day to an unexpected package, always a great day, and it was Flying Dog‘s Coffee Stout (Batch 2). This coffee stout, made with English Ale yeast and Black Dog Coffee, weighs in at 8.9% ABV. Let’s see how it tastes, and if it keeps me up all night, shall we?

The Pour
A vigorous pour resulted in a burnt orange tinged caramel colored head, about 1 1/2 fingers thick, resting atop a thick dark beer. It looks like melted dark chocolate in a glass, thick and viscous and making promises of rich deep flavors.

The Nose
There is no doubt it’s a coffee stout from the fresh ground coffee bean aromas wafting from the beer, but there is also a toffee and chocolate sweetness curling up from the glass and mingling with the fresh java. You can also tell, just from the nose, that it has a higher ABV. There is almost a bourbon quality to the aroma.

The Taste
This has a very strong, but smooth, coffee flavor, with some sweet aftertaste. The beer has a thick viscous mouthfeel but with a slight crispness to the edge. Full-bodied, this tastes the way the nose implied, with a strong lingering coffee flavor on the finish. As it warms, this beer gains more woody qualities.

Scoring Breakdown

Appearance: Nice looking head, beer looks dark and thick.
9 points out of 10.

Nose: Very representative and nice.
14 points out of 15.

Taste: Coffee is definitely at the forefront, pretty tasty.
45 points out of 55.

Style: Very good example of a coffee stout, without being overly sweet.
18 points out of 20.

Total rating: 86 points out of 100

In a nutshell: Any stout is a good stout to enjoy in front of a blazing fire, but the coffee stouts are especially good for that.  This is no exception.  The higher ABV beers and seasonal beers Flying Dog does are usually pretty tasty and definitely worth trying.  This is an enjoyable coffee stout.

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  1. I have to try this someday myself. If we’re talking about stout and porters, then we’re actually in the same page. You know what I love IPAs and lagers but for me stout is in the top rank.

    My favorite stouts are Rogue’s Double Mocha Porter and Porterhouse Chocolate Truffle Stout. If you have time you really have to try them, it’s worth the find. The Rogue’s Double Mocha Porter pours with a chocolatey head, deep brown color. It leaves serious lacing on the glass as you drink it and it has this sweetness in the aroma. And about the Porterhouse? it’s genius man.

    Uhmm, I haven’t seen Flying Dogs before. Where can I get this one? Is it available anywhere or is it just a local?

    Thank you very much for showing this man.

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