Beer Review: Buckbean Brewing Company’s Roler Bock (maibock)

   June 17, 2010

Perhaps a month or two ago, I heard that Buckbean Brewing Company was coming out with a maibock.  They are quickly becoming one of those breweries from whom I can expect very tasty beer, every time they can something new, so naturally I asked for a reviewing sample, and they were happy to oblige. 

According to GermanBeerInstitute.com:

Maibock (literally: May Bock) is the Bavarians’ strong, golden lager favored during the brief transation between the severe winters along the northern edge of the Alps, when people hunker down indoors, and the hot summers, when people flock to the beer gardens. 

According to BeerAdvocate.com:

The Maibock style of beer tends to be lighter in color than other Bock beers and often has a significant hop character with a noticeable alcohol around the same as a traditional Bock. Maibocks are customarily served in the spring and are oftentimes interrelated with spring festivals and celebrations more often in the month of May.

According to me: yum! Now on to the beer…

The Pour
This pours to a deep golden color with orange hints.  Atop this brew sits a very light straw colored head, one and a half fingers thick and pleasantly pillowy.  The head leaves a decent amount of lacing on the glass and the beer itself is somewhat hazy in the glass.

The Nose
As you pour this beer into a glass, a definite lager aroma hits you, but when you take good purposeful whiffs, layers of caramel and citrusy hops compete for attention and pretty well overpower any lager character in the nose.  A slight malt sweetness can be detected in the nose as well.

The Taste
My initial taste of this beer left me with a sour bitterness in the back of the throat.  I was concerned after that first swallow.  Am I going to like this beer at all?  After a couple of sips, however, the bitterness had more or less mellowed into nonexistence, leaving behind a distinctive sourness.  This beer seems creamy as it first hits your palate, but ends slightly crisper and drier on the finish.  As the beer warmed, the beer seemed to have an almost endless depth of character and flavors.  Musty oak and cedar flavors make themselves known and linger throughout the entire glass.  Black pepper notes also appear to act as an interesting accompaniment to the woody flavors.  As the beer warms further, a very brief and slight fruity sweetness flares up at the very back of the tongue, but only for the briefest of moments.

This beer is way, way more complex than I had expected.  I mean WAY more complex.  I almost want to let it get to room temperature to see what sort of flavors come out!  This beer shows that Buckbean Brewing Company can hang with the best of them.  Expect them to win some awards with this one. 

This may not be for the craft beer newbie, but if you’re ready for sour and a seemingly infinite depth of flavor, you have got to try this!  And if you ARE a craft beer newbie, get this anyway and dive right in to a world of terrific beer. Watch the 7.2% ABV though…it can sneak up on you!

Price: Unknown (reviewing sample)

ABV: 7.2%

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  1. Haha, I like your description of the style! They are pretty delicious. Sounds like I need to try this…

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  2. Well, I can be quite descriptive 😀

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