Bravo Gelato Nashville does it again with banana/Yazoo Hefeweizen gelato

   April 17, 2010

Not long ago, I heard Bravo Gelato Nashville had made a gelato with Yazoo’s stout.  It was rich, creamy and had all the great flavor notes of a good stout.  Well, I finally got a chance to try the banana/Yazoo Hefeweizen gelato and I think it was even better than the stout gelato.

The gelato is a very light almost beige color (think a slightly darker banana) and you can kind of pick up the smell of the hefeweizen behind the deliciously fresh banana notes rising out of the frozen gelato tundra. 😉  The gelato uses, I believe, only about a fifth of the bananas they would use normally in a banana gelato, so it wouldn’t overpower the hefeweizen.  With each bite, you get great, creamy banana gelato, without it being overpowering.  But on the finish…..ahhh….you get that great Yazoo Hefeweizen flavor. Hints of wheat mingling with the remains of the banana notes.  Talk about a versatile beer; it’s just as tasty in a pint of gelato as it is in a pint glass.

I’m really looking forward to their next Yazoo gelato.  I believe they want to use the Sly Rye Porter for the next one.  I have an idea or two for flavors to match with the porter that I’ll suggest soon to Noel and the rest of the folks at Bravo Gelato Nashville.  Until then…

The Beer Snob

P.S. If you want to chill on a hot summer’s day, don’t pass up Bravo Gelato’s Mojito Sorbet.  I’m no cocktail snob but this tastes great!

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  1. […] Bravo Gelato Nashville started making gelato using Yazoo Brewing Company’s beers with their Onward Stout.  I liked this, and it kind of resembled a Yazoo stout float to me…beer-y and rich and creamy.  Knowing they wanted to do a gelato using the Yazoo Hefeweizen, I suggested they make it with a mild banana gelato base.  They took the idea and ran with it, and the resulting gelato was well received and excellent.  (Read my review of Bravo Gelato’s Banana/Yazoo Hefeweizen gelato.)  […]

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