Bravo Gelato Nashville and Yazoo Brewery: two great tastes that taste great together

   March 19, 2010

Yazoo Brewery NashvilleI’ve heard recently about Bravo Gelato, here in Nashville, making Yazoo Stout gelato.  I first tried gelato in Italy in 2004, but I was never lucky enough to experience gelato made with beer.  I wanted to give it a shot, mostly for this blog, but I’ll admit, I was a little concerned.  Beer gelato?  Hmmmm….   Plus I doubted I would be anywhere in their neighborhood any time soon (I didn’t even know where Bravo Gelato Nashville was located.

According to Nucci’s Italian Ice & Gelato:

Gelato is a creamy, frozen dessert that combines centuries of Italian artistry and culinary genius. Anyone that has tasted Gelato will tell you that is one of life’s true pleasures. “Gelato” translates to “frozen” in Italian, but has become the Italian word for ice cream. Gelato has three major differences from American ice cream, fat content, density and serving temperature.

(Read more about gelato here)

Well, I was lucky enough to finally sample some Yazoo Stout Gelato today, thanks to Jennifer Justus, who blogs over at A Nasty Bite.  (I owe her now, as if I didn’t already).  I’m no ice cream or gelato snob, so I can’t review it the way I do beer, but here is what I can tell you.

For the first bite or two, I thought it tasted like a homemade vanilla ice cream with subtle hints of coffee and chocolate.  It had that homemade ice cream texture and taste that I love.  By the time I got halfway through the serving (about the size of a large ice cream scoop), I could really taste the stout on the finish.  Once I really started picking up the stout flavors, I had to decide what I thought about it.  It took about two bites to figure out I really liked it.  It tastes like a Yazoo stout float….which made me want to drop a couple of scoops into a pint of Yazoo stout.

Overall, I really enjoyed that gelato.  Bravo to Bravo Gelato Nashville and Yazoo brewery!

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