Beer Snob updates and a plug for Buckbean Brewing Co.

   May 19, 2009

Hello, fellow beer snobs. Just wanted to post an update to menti0n a couple of things. I hope this update finds you well and enjoying good beer!

First, I wanted to recommend you try Buckbean Brewing Company’s Original Orange Blossom Ale. I reviewed it already, back in July 2008, and was pretty enamored with it. Well, of all the beers I have reviewed, this is the beer I can’t stop thinking about and ¬†wishing I could get here. What a tasty and refreshingly clean beer! Check out my review and look for it if it’s sold near you. You won’t be sorry!

Next, I have a review of Sam Adams’ Summer Ale coming soon. I had that beer once before, a few years ago and before this blog. I decided it would be a good beer to review right about now as we ease into summer.

Also, on the school front….it looks like I will be able to take Fluid Mechanics this summer, which makes it very likely I can finish my degree in the Fall of 2010. Maybe then I’ll finally have more time to devote to this blog!

Finally, May 28th I board a plane bound for Paris, France. I’ll do my best to find some good beer there and take tasting notes for reviews to be posted when I return. It’s a great place to be if you’re a wine snob….but alas, I am only The Beer Snob. I appreciate good wine but am by no means qualified to review wine.

The Beer Snob 

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  1. I love Buckbean as well!!!!!

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